Under Milk Wood

A play for voices, by Dylan Thomas

Under Milk Wood, a work that in many formats had occupied Thomas more or less fitfully for years, was completed and delivered to the BBC in October 1953. Thomas had in fact given what was described as the premiere performance at the Poetry Center of the YM-YWHA in New York on May 14, 1953 [Recorded by Caedmon Records, and originally released as a 2-LP set TC2005; the date is as given by Caedmon, other sources identify performances on May 15 and 29, 1953]. That version was in fact incomplete; the BBC version, although regarded as complete by the poet, omitted originally projected parts of the closing section, and ballads.

The first broadcast of the whole work, with a distinguished all-Welsh cast, was given on the BBC Third Programme on January 25, 1954, and repeated two days later. It was produced by Douglas Cleverdon.

Dylan Thomas died in New York on November 9, 1953, a few days after his 39th birthday.

The Cast

First Voice:

Richard Burton

Second Voice:

Richard Bebb

Captain Cat:

Hugh Griffith

Rosie Probert:

Rachel Thomas

Polly Garter :

Diana Maddox

Mr. Mog Edwards:

Dafydd Havard

Myfanwy Price:

Sybil Williams

Mrs. Ogmore-Pritchard:

Dilys Davies

Mr. Ogmore:

David Close-Thomas

Mr. Pritchard:

Ben Williams

Butcher Beynon:

Meredith Edwards

Gossamer Beynon:

Gwenllian Owen

The Rev. Eli Jenkins:

Philip Burton

Lily Smalls:

Gwenyth Petty

Mr. Pugh:

John Huw Jones

Mrs. Pugh:

Mary Jones

Mary Ann Sailors:

Rachel Thomas

Sinbad Sailors:

Aubrey Richards

Dai Bread:

David Close-Thomas

Mrs. Dai Bread One:

Gwenyth Petty

Mrs. Dai Bread Two:

Rachel Roberts

Willy Nilly Postman:

Ben Williams

Mrs. Willy Nilly:

Rachel Thomas

Cherry Owen:

John Ormond Thomas

Mrs. Cherry Owen:

Loma Davies

Nogood Boyo:

Dillwyn Owen

Organ Morgan:

John Glyn-Jones

Mrs. Organ Morgan:

Olwen Brookes

Mae Rose Cottage:

Rachel Roberts


Norma Jones

The three boys: Ian Griffith, John Watts, and Philip Cyster

The songs set by Daniel Jones

Children's songs and singing game recorded by children of Laugharne School


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