The Ivrea Codex

The Ivrea Codex was most likely copied in the 1380s and 1390s at Ivrea cathedral, in the environment of the papal court at Avignon, by the episcopal notary, Johannes Pellicerij. A native of nearby Maurienne i n Savoy, Pellicerij served as cantor of Ivrea cathedral from 1375/6 until his death in 1398.Jacometus de ecclesia, another notary and native of Maurienne, apparently served as Pellicerij's amanuensis in the years around 1385, copying some of the texts, but none of the music in the manuscript. The manuscript includes 87 pieces, many of them isorhythmic motets, including the later motets of Vitry. There are also a number of secular songs. But the most striking and unusual category is the 25 settings of movements from the Mass Ordinary.

Latin Motets and Mass Fragments in the Ivrea Codex | IID: The Ars Nova In France