Andrea da Firenze [Andreas de Florentia], [Andrea di Giovanni], [Frate Andrea de' Servi], [Andreas Servorum], [Andrea degli Organi], [Magister Frater] [Andreas Organista de Florentia]

(? - 1415)

Italian composer. A member of the Servite Order in Florence from 1375 (he was also known as Andrea dei Servi). Organist at the Servite church of SS. Annunziata in 1378, several times prior in Florence and Pistoia, and rose to become Provincial (regional head of Order) of Tuscany (1407-10). In 1378 he and Landini supervised the building of a new organ at SS. Annunziata, and in 1387 he drew up plans for a new cathedral organ. He is portrayed in the Squarcialupi Codex. His surviving output consists of some thirty ballatc which show the influence of Landini; cadential melismas are contrasted with passages of more syllabic word setting, and use is made of imitation and sequence.

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