Bartolino da Padova [Bartolino da Padu], [Magister Frater Bartolinus de Padua], [Frater Bartholomeus, schappucia Frate Bartoino]

(fl. 1375-1405)

Italian composer. Portrayed in the Squarcialupi Codex as tonsured and wearing a habit, he may have been Prior of the Carmelites in Padua in 1380. In 1405 he was forced into exile in Florence as a result of unfavorable allusions in some of his works to the political and moral behaviour of the Visconti family who controlled Padua. Most of his eleven madrigals and twenty-seven ballate are à 2, though some are à 3. His style lacks the sense of flow and clear-cut melodic lines characteristic of his Italian predecessors, and shows more strongly the influence of the music of the contemporary French ars subtilior, especially in its rhythmic complexity.

A Partial Bartolino da Padova Discography  |  IIIA: The Florentine Group