William Horwood

(? - 1484)

15th century English composer. A singer at Lincoln Cathedral in 1470 and vicar choral at Lincoln in 1476 and choirmaster from 1477 until 1484 (obviously the year of his death because it was then that the administration of his goods was given to one of the other vicars). He is known by four pieces in the Eton Choirbook (one is incomplete) and another incomplete piece in a York MS.

He is one of the earliest Eton composers, and his style is distinctly old fashioned. Although he is identified in the Eton Choirbook simply as Horwood, he must be William Horwood and cannot be John Horwood, who was a chorister of King's, Cambridge from 1480 to 1483 and a student there in 1489, and was born too late to be the Eton Horwood, not least on stylistic grounds.

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