John Plummer [Plomer, Polumier]


English composer. Member of the Chapel Royal 1437-6(7). Master of the Children of the Chapel Royal 1444-1455(?), and a verger and member of the Choir of St George's, Windsor, probably 1458-1484. What little of his music survives is of high quality. He was praised by the theorist Hothby and highly esteemed both in England and on the Continent; he is one of the most important English composers of the period. Three of his surviving motets are to Song of Songs texts; they are strongly English in style, especially in their triadic melodies and rhythmic simplicity. Anna mater is exceptionally forward-looking for its date, making much use of imitation in all four parts, an important innovation.

A Partial John Plummer Discography  |  IIIC: John Dunstable and his Circle