Antoine Busnois

(? -1492)

Franco-Flemish composer. Before 1467 he was a singer in the service of Charles the Bold of Burgundy, and after the latter's death in 1477, he served his widow Margaret of Burgundy. Up to 1482 he was at the court of Archduke Maximilian after the latter's marriage to Maria of Burgundy. He may have visited Italy in the 1480s -- his chansons are often found in Italian sources -- and spent his last years as choirmaster at S. Sauveur, Bruges.

Busnois' surviving output includes three Masses, two Magnificats, a Lamentation, eight motets and some sixty-three chansons. Like Binchois, he was primarily a chanson composer, and was respected in his day as a worthy contemporary of Ockeghem.

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