Richard de Bellengues aka Cardot


French singer and composer. Ordained as a priest, he appears as a singer in the Burgundian chapel between 1415 and 1419. He was recorded as being in the Papal Chapel from 1422 to 1425. In 1422 he was appoined to a canonry in Notre Dame in Ligny and also as rector of St Willibrodus, near Antwerp. He later held ecclesiastical offices in Beauvais, Picquigny and possibly Rouen. By 1430 he may again have been active at the Burgundian court since his name appears in the list of singers in Binchois' motet Nove cantum melodie, composed in Burgundy in that year. His name is found in the lists of singers from 1434 to 1464. He died in Brussels and was interred in Ste Gudule. His motto ‘Fais tout ce que tu vouldras/Avoir faist quand tu mourras’ served as his epitaph. His single surviving work is a rondeau for three voices Pour une fois et pour toute.

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