Pierre Fontaine

(1390-95? - ca. 1450)

Franco-Flemish composer. Fontaine belonged to the Burgundian chapel from at least 1403 (perhaps starting as a choirboy at Rouen) until his death, with an interruption for service in the papal chapel from 1420 until sometime between 1428 and 1430. Although his contemporary fame was considerable, only a few French chansons by him have survived (one ballade and six rondeaux, all in 3 voices). His chansons are in the new simple style of the early fifteenth century and display his talent for writing attractive melodies and for providing music appropriate to melancholy texts; J’ayme bien has an instrumental contratenor marked “trompette” in one source. He may be the composer of the piece ascribed to “Fonteyns” in the Old Hall manuscript.

A Partial Pierre Fontaine Discography |  IIID: The Netherlanders to Ockeghem