Nicholas Grenon

(? -1456)

FrancoFlemish composer. He is first heard of at the Burgundian court in 1385, was a canon at S. Sepulcre in Paris in 1399, and was master of the boys at Laon cathedral in 1403. In 1408 and from 1421-4 he was at Cambrai cathedral, latterly as music master; in 1412 he was in the service of the Duke of Berry, from 1413 to 1421 he was at the Burgundian court again, and from 1425 to 1427 he was a member of the Papal choir in Rome and in charge of its boys. In 1427 he returned to Cambrai as canon at the cathedral; though heard of in Bruges in 1437 he seems to have remained largely in Cambrai for the rest of his life. His chansons and isorhythmic motets are a link between the late fourteenth century style and that of Dufay in their rejection of rhythmic complexity and cultivation of a simple melodic line and syllabic declamation.

A Partial Nicholas Grenon Discography | IIID: The Netherlanders to Ockeghem
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