Arnold de Lantins

(fl. c. 1428-32)

Franco-Flemish composer, possibly brother or cousin of Hugo de Lantins and possibly from the Liège district. He was in Venice in 1428, and for a few months beginning in late 1431, he sang with Dufay in the papal choir. His Verbum incarnatum Masswith troped Kyrie is one of the earliest cyclic Masses unified by finalisand a head motif; it is in an Italianate style with chanson-type texture. His approximately thirty surviving works also include two fine motets using texts from the Song of Songs, and some fourteen chansons, many of which are in a melancholy vein and of great beauty. The popularity of his work is implied by its wide dissemination in manuscripts, notably from North Italy. His one cyclic Mass and are unified by head motifs. Other works include several Mass pairs and three movements of a composite Mass (completed by Ciconia), motets, ballades, and over a dozen rondeaux.

A Partial Arnold de Lantins Discography | IIID: The Netherlanders to Ockeghem