Johannes Martini

(? - 1498)

Franco-Flemish composer, possibly from Armentières. He was in the Sforza court chapel at Milan in 1474 with Josquin and Compère, and later that year moved to Ferrara to serve Duke Ercole I. Apparently a friend of the Austrian court organist Hofhaimer, Martini was invited to persuade him to give his services to the Innsbruck court. He was friend and mentor to the young Isabella d'Este; their correspondence is preserved. His secular music was partly issued by Petrucci; other secular and sacred works survive in manuscipt. One of the latter is a Missa Cucuwith the appropriate motive in the tenor, but there are other pieces showing a well-developed imitative style overlaying traditional cantus firmus treatment.

IIID: The Netherlanders to Ockeghem