Jean Tapissier (alias Noyon)

(ca. 1370 -- 1410)

Franco-Flemish composer. Valet de chambre and composer to Philip the Bold at the Burgundian court from at least 1391 and travelled twice to Avignon. One of the three composers (the others being Carmen and Césaris) described by Le Franc in Le Champion des Dames (cI440) as having 'astonished all Paris' with their music before that of Dunstable and Dufay was heard there, he is now known only for his sacred music. Tapissier maintained an ³escole de chant² in Paris; on at least one occasion court choirboys were sent there to learn singing. There survive one isorhythmic motet and two Mass movements, a Credo and a Sanctus, with chanson-like textures.

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