Baude Cordier

(Late14th C.)

French composer, from Rheims. His identity is unclear. He may be the Baude Fresnel who was harper and valet de chambre to Philip the Bold of Burgundy from 1384 until his death in 1397-8, and who travelled to Milan and Avignon. Some of his ten secular pieces (mostly rondeaux) are in the rhythmically complex late fourteenth century French style; others are simpler, with greater emphasis on lyrical melody, in the manner of early Binchois. Of his two chansonsin the Chantilly Manuscript, one is written in the form of a heart and the other in a circle. His Mass movement in the Apt MS is also in a more fifteenth century style.

A Partial Baude Cordier Discography   |   IIIF: Codex Chantilly and L'Ars Subtilior