Mayshuet (de Joan), (Matheus de Sancto Johanne)


French composer. In 1378 he was a member of the chapel of Louis I of Anjou, and from 1382 until at least 1386 he was at the Papal court at Avignon. He may also be the Mathieu of the monastery of St Jean who was at the Naples court in 1363. He composed three ballades (one, with Latin text, for Pope Clement VII) and two rondeaux, which are found in the Chantilly MS, and a 5-part isorhythmic motet in the Old Hall MS; part of the text of this piece is a tirade against the vainglory prevalent among musicians.

A Partial Mayshuet Discography | IIIF: Codex Chantilly and L'Ars Subtilior