(late 14th century)

French composer. In the service of Jean, Duke of Berry, for whom one of his pieces was written (two more were for a royal wedding). He is the most heavily represented composer in the Chantilly MS, with ten pieces. Some retain the clarity and simplicity of Machaut's style, but others embrace the most extreme characteristics of the late fourteenth century Avignon school, with complex rhythms, virtuoso melismas and involved svncopations. His extraordinarily chromatic Fumeux fume,with its unusually low tessitura, is one of the most extravagant, even bizarre, manifestations of this style, and was probably written for the Parisian Fumeux, an eccentric literary clique of ostentatiously dressed bohemians that named themselves after Jean Fumeux and flourished in the 1360s and 1370s. They are extolled also in a piece by Hasprois in the Chantilly MS.

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