Bartolomeo Tromboncino

(c1470 - after 1535)

Italian composer. Spent long periods in the service of the Mantuan court from 1487 to 1512, though in 1499 he was in Vicenza; that year he murdered his wife and her lover, though even this was forgiven on account of his talent. He was in Ferrara in 1513 and later seems to have served at the Florentine court. With Cara, he was a prolific master of the frottola, having many published by Petrucci and Antico and arranged for voice and lute by Bossinensis. He also wrote Lamentations, twenty-two laude, and music for dramatic productions at court (including Plautus' Asinaria, performed at a wedding in 1502). His frottolas sometimes set verses by Petrarch, thus acquiring a seriousness of mood that looks ahead to the madrigal.

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