Antoine Brumel

(c.1460 - after 1520)

Franco-Flemish composer. He held church posts in Chartres (1483 through 1486), Laon, Paris (where he was master of the boys at Notre Dame 1498 through 1500) and Lyons before becoming maestro di cappellato Alfonso I d'Este at Ferrara in 1506-9. His output includes twelve Masses, twenty-nine motets, three Magnificats and several chansons. His considerable prominence in his own time is suggested by the fact that he was only the third composer to have a volume of Masses published by Petrucci (after Josquin and Obrecht), and by the many appearances of his music in MSS. His Missa Et ecce terraemotus is a remarkable piece for twelve voices. Many of his motets use borrowed cantus firmi, maybe with a different text, and are in a flowing, rhythmically intricate style, but his Sicut liliumhas an attractive simplicity suggestive of Italian influence.

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