Clemens (non Papa) [Jacob Clement]


Franco-Flemish composer. His first published work is a chanson issued by Attaingnant in 1536. Bruges Cathedral employed him as succentor, 1544-45. Motet texts suggest a connection with Charles V between 1544 and 1549. Beginning in 1545 Tilman Susato, in Antwerp, published many of his works, of which only six chansons had previously appeared in print. Surviving manuscripts indicate some relationship with Leiden. Little else is known of his life.

One of the most prolific composers of the early l6th century, Clemens wrote both sacred and secular music but is chiefly known for the sacred works. These include fifteen Masses,two Mass fragments, over 230 motels, two Magnificats, and 159 souterliedekens and lofzangen (3-part polyphonic settings of the Psalms in Dutch, all based on preexisting melodies). The secular works include 89 chansons, eight Dutch songs, and several textIess or instrumental pieces.

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