Jean (Johannes) Guyot (Castileti, Châtelet)

(1512 - 1588)

Franco-Flemish composer. Studied at Louvain, probably visited Italy, and except for a period at the Imperial court in 1563-4 was from 1545 a chaplain and precentor in Liège, first at St Paul's church and then at the cathedral. His Mass, motets, chansons and 12-part arrangement of Josquin's 6-part Benedicta essurvive in anthologies and MSS; the 4-part chansons are charming, but those ineight parts seem more weighty then their slight texts justify.

A Partial Jean (Johannes) Guyot (Castileti, Châtelet) Discography | IVA: The Netherlanders around and after Josquin