Hayne van Ghizeghem

(c.1445 - before1495)

Franco-Flemish composer. In 1457 he was studying with Constans d'Utrecht at the court of Burgundy, at which he became a singer and 'valet de chambre' in 1467. He also joined the army under Charles the Bold; the last reference to him occurs in 1472. Hayne was highly respected by his contemporaries. His output was of chansons about twenty in all--of which some were printed by Petrucci in the earliest volumes of published music. His De tous biens plaine was possibly the most famous chanson of its age; its tenor was used as a cantus firmus for motets, Masses and chanson elaborations by many composers.

A Partial Hayne von Ghizeghem Discography |  IVA: The Netherlanders around and after Josquin