Pierre Attaingnant

(ca. 1494 - late 1551 or 1552)

French printer and publisher. Son-in-law and heir of the printer-engraver Philippe Pigouchet (fl. 1490-1514). Beginning with a collection of chansons dated April 4, 1527/28, he used movable type and a single impression, a method that was probably his invention. Royal privileges protecting his music books were granted or renewed three times, about a year after the first book was printed, in 1531, and in 1537. Eventually he was named imprimeur et libraire du Roy en musique . His publications include several books of pieces in lute tablature or keyboard score, seven books of Masses, fourteen books of motets, and over thirty-six books of chansons, plus numerous re-editions. New music by French composers dominates most of these books, and, in contrast to the usual practice of the times, very little material comes from the publications of his competitors.

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