Gregory [Gregorius] Huwet [Howet]

(1550 - 1617)

Lutenist and composer, who appears to have been born in The Netherlands. He was appointed lutenist to Henry Julius, Duke of Brunswick in Wolfenbüttel in 1591, in whose service he was when he met John Dowland in 1594, and with whom he traveled to Kassel. Heinrich Julius took great pains to hold Gregorius Huwet in his Hofkapelle. In 1595, Heinrich Julius "made a present of" or made over to him a house in Halberstadt worth 1200 talers, so that he remain with him for life. Huwet probably married here, since in 1607 he filed for divorce from a certain Marie Uleman "propter adulterium commisum," i.e., on the grounds of adultery (as noted in the diary of Mathias von Oppen, the dean of Halberstadt Cathedral). An offspring of this marriage was apparently Huwet's son Henricus, who enrolled in the University of Halberstadt in 1611, and whose godfather was Duke Heinrich Julius. Gregorius's presence in the Hofkapelle can still be documented in 1614, although there was no longer any need for lutenists. Even in 1616, he is still listed in the pay register. Gregorius Huwet probably died in 1617.

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