Cesare Negri (Milanese)

(ca.1535 - after 1604)

Cesare Negri

Italian composer, ballet master at the Milanese court. The two main dance writers of the time were Cesare Negri and Fabrito Caroso. They described dances that were similar in style, but had their differences between the two authors. Negri published Le Gratie d'Amore in 1602. This contains dances which are in general more complex than those in either of Caroso's works. It is a very large volume, containing a section on dance etiquette, a large section on galliard variations (including a "kick the tassel" galliard which was used as a contest dance) and a section containing dances in a similar style to Caroso's.

Useful link:Greg Lindahl's Facsimile of Negri's's Le Gratie d'Amore / Nuove Inventioni Di Balli

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