Tilman Susato

(? - 1561/4)

German printer, publisher and composer. Worked in Antwerp from 1529 as a copyist, cathedral musician and later town instrumentalist; founded his publishing business in 1543 with a volume of 4- and 5-part chansons; the venture was so successful that he was able to build his own premises ('At the Sign of the Crumhorn') in 1547. He issued chansons, Dutch songs, and motets by the most illustrious composers -- Janequin, Josquin, Lassus, Rore, Willaert -- and his chanson anthologies include a wide cross-section of the genre's development in the Low Countries and France. His dance arrangements showed taste and discernment, using popular songs, dance tunes and chanson adaptations, and preserving a modicum of independent part-writing.

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