Joachim a Burck [Burgk], [Joachim Moller]

(1546 - 1610)

German composer. In 1563 settled in Mühlhausen; by 1566 organist of the Protestant church of St. Blasius. Remained there until his death, performing both musical and civic functions. He was self-taught as a musician and considered himself indebted to earlier composers such as Cipriano de Rore, Giaches de Wert, and especially Orlando de Lassus. In the years around 1600 he performed on the organ and was an organ consultant outside Mühlhausen. He composed at least two books of polyphonic motets and several choral passions. From the mid-1570s he wrote only homophonic songs and odes, most for four voices.

IVH: The German Lied