Bartolomé Escobedo

(c.1500 - 1563)

Spanish composer. A Papal singer from 1536 to 1541 and 1545 to 1548; worked at the court of Castile until 1552 and then became maestro de capilla in Segovia. He was a friend of Morales and probable teacher of Victoria. He had his share of difficulties while in Rome, mostly due to his short temper. Records from the Vatican show that he was fined for calling a fellow singer an "ass"; on another occasion he called a singer a "fat pig." He appears to have been ill from gout for much of the 18 years he was in Rome. His surviving music includes two 6-part Masses, one being for Philip II's coronation, and some motets. One of the judges in a dispute on musical theory between Vicentino and Lusitano, he declared that Vicentino's theories had been completely demolished.

IVL: The Iberian Masters