Thomas Ashewell [Ashwelle, Asshwell, Aswell]

(c.1478-after 1518)

English composer. A chorister at St George's, Windsor, in 1491-3 and singer a Tattershall College, Lincolnshire, in 1502-3, he was master of the choristers at Lincoln Cathedral by 1508, and in 1513 became cantor or master of the Lady Chapel choir at Durham cathedral. His church music includes two fine festal masses in florid style in the Forrest-Heyther Partbooks. His first MassJesu Christe is based on the short respond from Prime in Easter week. The second, again in six parts and a very impressive work, is Ave Maria, on an antiphon at Commemorations of the Virgin in Advent. He was represented in the songbook printed in 1530, probably by Wynkyn de Worde. A possible teacher of Taverner at Tattershall College.

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