William (aka John) Blitheman [Blytheman]


English musician. Chorister of St Paul's Cathedral from some time in the 1540s. Christ Church (Oxford) in the 1550s. Gentleman of the Chapel Royal 1558-91. Appointed Master of the Choristers of Christ Church (Oxford) 1564. Appointed Organist of Chapel Royal, successor to Tallis, in 1585. Teacher of John Bull, who succeeeded him as organist of the Chapel Royal on his death in 1591. Fifteen pieces preserved in The Mulliner Book. Also in the manuscript Drexel 1512 in the New York Public Library. One of his In nomines, dating from before 1591, displays the earliest known example of triplet figuration in virginal music. In addition to his several settings entitled In nomine, has left six settings entitled Gloria tibi Trinitas.

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