A Partial Thomas Campion Discography

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Move now with measured sound Music by Thomas Campion 1. It fell on a summer's day; 2. I care not for these ladies; 3. My sweetest Lesbia; 4. Leave prolonging thy distress; 5. Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire!; 6. Mistress, since you so much desire; 7. Now hath Flora robbed her bowers; 8. Mr Confess's Coranto; 9. Move now with measured sound; 10. Lord Hay's Masque; 11. The cypress curtain of the night; 12. Fantasia (Philip Rosseter); 13. All looks be pale; 14. So parted you; 15. Break now, my heart, and die; 16. Woo her, and win her ;17. Fain would I wed; 18. Beauty, since you so much desire; 19. Second Dance of the Lords' Masque; 20. Blame not my cheeks; 21. Tune thy music to thy heart; 22. Author of Light; 23. Never weather-beaten sail Robin Blaze (ct); Elizabeth Kenny (l) Hyperion CDA 67268
Thomas Campion Ayres 1. Beauty, since you so much desire; 2. Love me or not; 3. Your faire lookes; 4. Never love unless you can; 5. O never to be moved; 6. The cypress curtain of the night; 7. Awake thou spring of speaking grace; 8. Come, you pretty false-ey'd wanton; 9. So tyr'd are all my thoughts; 10. Fire, fire; 11. Pin'd I am. and like to die; 12. Author of light; 13. See where she flies; 14. Faire, if you expect admiring; 15. Shall I come, sweet love to thee?; 16. It fell on a summer's day; 17. Kinde are her answers; 18. Beauty is but a painted hell; 19. Sweet exclude me not; 20. Are you what your faire lookes expresse?; 21. I care not for these ladies; 22. Never weather-beaten saile Drew Minter (ct), Paul O'Dette (l) Harmonia Mundi HMU 907023
'The Sypres Curten of the Night' Elizabethan & Jacobean Lute Songs 1. Never weather-beaten saile (Thomas Campion); 2. Author of light (Thomas Campion); 3. The Sypres Curten of the Night (Thomas Campion); 4. Since first I saw your face (Thomas Ford); 5. Faire, sweet, cruell (Thomas Ford); 6. What then is love sings Coridon (Thomas Ford); 7. Heres paternus (Anthony Holborne); 8. Griefe keepe within (John Danyel); 9. Drop not mine eies (John Danyel); 10. Have all our passions (John Danyel); 11. What then is love but mourning (Philip Rosseter); 12. Shall I come if I swim? (Philip Rosseter); 13. No grave for woe (Philip Rosseter); 14. The night watch (Anthony Holborne); 15. Muy linda (Anthony Holborne); 16. I saw my Lady weepe (John Dowland,); 17. Shall I strive with wordes to move? (John Dowland); 18. Sorrow, stay, lend true repentant teares (John Dowland); 19. Can she excuse my wrongs? (John Dowland); 20. Fantasia (Anthony Holborne); 21. Miserere my Maker (Anonymous) Michael Chance (ct), Christopher Wilson (l) Chandos CHAN 0538
Greensleeves A Collection of English Lute Songs 1. Author of Light; 2. It fell on a summer's day; 3. Never Weather-Beaten sail; 4. If thou long'st so much to learn; ; other works by Dowland, Rosseter, Morley, Holborne, Cavendish, etc Julianne Baird (s); Ronn McFarlane (l) Dorian DOR-90126
The English Lute Song 1. Fain Would I Wed; other works by Dowland, Johnson, Campion, Ferrabosco, Brewer, Morley, etc Julianne Baird (s); Ronn McFarlane (l) Dorian DOR-90109
"Heavenly Noyse" English Music for Mixed Consort from the Golden Age 1. The Peaceful Western Wind; others by Byrd, Morley, Philips, Campion, Nicholson, Lupo, Baxter, Holborne, Hume, Dowland Dowland Consortdir.Jakob Lindberg Bis CD-451
Lie Down, Poor Heart English Lutesongs & Folk Ballads 1. Never weather' beaten sails - Thomas Campion;  2. Lie Down, Poor Heart - Robert Jones;  3. What if I seek for love of thee - Robert Jones;  4. Say, Love, if ever thou didst find - John Dowland;  5. Sorrow stay - John Dowland;  6. I saw my lady weep - John Dowland;  7. Cuperaree (Lute Solo) John Coperario;  8. The Fairy Masque (Lute Solo) - Robert Johnson;  9. Mary, Young and Fair (Lute Solo) - Anonymous;  10. The Isle of Aigas (Lute Solo) - Anonymous;  11. Prelude (Lute Solo) Anonymous;  12. Corranto (Lute Solo) Anonymous;  13. A Coranto (Lute Solo) - Anonymous;  14. Grays Inn mask (Lute Solo) - Anonymous;  15. Howm againe Markget is done (Lute Solo) - Anonymous;  16. Joane to the may pole (Lute Solo) - Anonymous;  17. Variations on the Scottish air (Lute Solo) - Turlough O'Carolan (1670-1738);  18. Black is the colour - Folksong;  19. I will give my love an apple - Folksong;  20. The Three Ravens - Folksong;  21. O waly, waly - Folksong;  22. Down by the Salley Gardens - Folksong;  23. Greensleeves - Folksong;  24. The foggy dew - Folksong;  Daniel Taylor (ct); Sylvain Bergeron (l) Dorian DOR-90287
A Candle in the Dark Elizabethan Songs and Consort Music 1. Thrice toss'd these oaken ashes; 2. Mobe now with measur'd sound; others by Byrd, Dowland, Picforth, Tye, William Mundy, Ferrabosco, John Johnson, White Ellen Hargis (s), Drew Minter (ct), The Newberry Consort dir. Mary Springfels Harmonia Mundi HMU 907140
Elizabethan Lute Songs and Solos 1. It fell on a summer's day; 2. The cypress curtain of the night; 3. Shall I come, sweet love, to thee?others by Dowland, Cutting, Rosseter, Morley Frank Patterson (ten), Robert Spencer (l) Philips 6500 282 (LP)
Thomas Campian Songs from Rosseter's Book of Ayres 1. My sweetest Lesbia; 2. Though you are young; 3. I care not for these ladies; 4. Follow thy fair sun; 5. My love hath vowed; 6. When to her lute Corrina sings; 7. Turn back, you wanton flyer; 8. It fell on a summer's day; 9. The Cypress curtain of the night; 10. Follow your saint René Soames (t), Walter Gerwig (l), Johannes Koch (v da g) Archiv 13006 AP (LP)
English Ayres and Duets sung in authentic Elizabethan pronunciation 1. If thou longs't so much to learn; 2. Shall I come, sweet love?; others by Dowland, Ferrabosco II, Hume, Danyel, Pilkington. Jones The Camerata of London Hyperion A66003 (LP)
Florid-Song und Gambenmusik in England um 1610-1660 1. Come you pretty false-eyed wanton; others by Hume, Gibbons, Weelkes, Ward, Coperario, Wilson, Hingston, Robert Johnson, Locke, Lupo Studio der Frühen Musik; Concentus Musicus, Wien Das Alte Werk SAWT 9472-A (LP)

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