William Daman [Damon, Damano, Damond, Dymond]


Franco-Flemish musician, recorder player, organist, born in Liège. Thomas Sackville, Lord Brockhurst, brought Daman to England in the early 1560's. In Service of Thomas Sackville from some time in the 1560s into the next decade. Musician in Ordinary on recorder 1576(?)-91(?). Little is otherwise known about Daman except his music, which appeared in Psalmes of David in English Meter, published without Daman's knowledge in 1579, The Former Booke of Musicke of M. William Damon and The Second Booke of the Musicke of M. William Damon, published posthumously by William Swayne in 1591. The 1579 book contained fourteen tunes not given by John day in his 1563 psalter, including four that became popular later under the names Cambridge, Oxford, Canterbury and Southwell. Daman has also left a few motets, an anthem and instrumental music.

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