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A Partial Richard Davy Discography

AlbumTitle Subtitle Works Performers Record Label Catalog No
Music from The Eton Choirbook 1. Nesciens Mater a 5 (Walter Lambe); 2. Magnificat a 4 (William Stratford); 3. Nescians Mater (Anon. Plainchant); 4. St Matthew Passion a 4 (Davy); 5. Stabat Mater a 6 (John Browne); 6. Magnificat a 5 (Kellyk); 7. Jesus autem transiens/Credo in Deum canon a 13 (Wylkynson) Tonus Peregrinus dir. Antony Pitts Naxos 8.572840
More Divine Than Human Music from the Eton Choirbook Vol 1 1. Gaude rosa sine spina (Fawkyner); 2. Salve regina (William Cornysh); 3. Magnificat (Walter Lambe); 4. In honore summe matris (Richard Davy) The Choir of Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford dir. Stephen Darlington Avie AV2167
Choirs of Angels Music from The Eton Choirbook Vol. 2 1. O Maria salvatoris mater a 8 ((John Browne); 2. Ave Maria mater Dei a 4 (Cornysh); 3 Salve Jesu mater vera a 5 (Davy); 4. O Maria plena gracia a 6 (Walter Lambe); 5. Salve regina a 9 (Wylkynson) The Choir of Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford dir. Stephen Darlington Avie AV2184
The Pillars of Eternity Music from the Eton Choirbook Vol. III 1. O Domine caeli terraeque creator; 2. Ah, mine heart, remember thee well; 3. Ah, blessed Jesu, how fortuned this?; other works by Lambe, Cornysh, Wylkynson The Sixteen, Harry Christophers Collins Classics 13422
Music at All Souls, Oxford The Lancastrians to the Tudors 1. O Domine celi terreque; others by 'Roy Henry', Power, Dunstable, Lambe, Sturgeon Merbecke, Tallis,Sheppard, Tye, Parsons, White The Cardinall's Musick dir. Andrew Carwood ASV Gaudeamus CD GAU 196
Eton Choirbook St Matthew Passion | Nesciens Mater | Magnificat 1. Dominca in ramis palmarum: Passio Domini (Davy); 2. Nesciens Mater (Lambe); 3. Magnificat (Nesbett) Eton College Chapel Choir dir.Ralph Allwood Chatsworth FCM 1004
Music At Magdalen Early English Music 1. Ah mine heart; others by Appleby, Mason, Preston Choir of Magdalen College, Oxforddir.Bernard Rose Argo ZRG 846(LP)
Richard Davy Passion According To St Matthew Passio domini nostri Jesu Christe Ian Partridge, Christopher Keyte, Purcell Consort of Voices, Choristers of All Saints, Margaret Street dir.Grayston Burgess Argo ZRG 558(LP)

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