Thomas Ford


Lutenist and composer. Thomas Ford was in the service of Prince Henry and, from 1625 until the civil war, was one of the king's musicians; he is of significance mainly as a composer of ayres. Musician and arranger in masque (1613). Posts: Musician to the Household of Prince Henry (d.1612) 1610-12. Musician to the Household of Prince Charles 1617-25. Musician to Charles I 1626-42.

His Musicke of Sundrie Kindes of 1607 contains only ten songs and a dialog, but among them are several well-known ayres, justly admired pieces such "Faire sweet cruell," "Since first I saw your face," and "There is a ladie, sweet and kind," as well as dances "for two Basse-viols, the Liera way." The ayres in particular display an exquisite taste and an accomplished technique. Other works include anthems for 3-6 voices, part songs, and 5-part viol fantasies. His anthem Miserere my maker uses rather advanced chromaticism to achieve a penetential atmosphere.

He was represented in Leighton's Teares.

Illustration: Frontispiece of Ford's Musicke of sundrie kindes, set forth in two bookes...

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