A Partial King Henry VIII Discography

AlbumTitle Subtitle Works Performers Record Label Catalog No
For His Majestys Sagbutts and Cornetts English Music from Henry VIII to Charles II 1. Bassedance-En vray Amoure; 2. Bassedance-Taunder nacken His Majestys Sagbutts and Cornetts Hyperion CDA 66894
The Royal Lewters Music of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I's favourite lutenists 1. Pastyme with good Companie (Henry VIII); 2. Fantasie (Van Wilder) ; 3. Philip 's Dump (Van Wilder); 4. The Duke of Somersettes Dompe (Anon.); 5. My Lady Careys Dompe (Anon.); 6. [Fantasy] (Anon., Hirsch Lutebook); 7. Sellenger 's Round (Anon.); 8. [A Dump] (Anon.); 9. Chi passa per 'sta strada (Anon., Marsh Lutebook); 10. Anthony Pavyn (Anthony De Countie [?]; 11. A Downe (Anon.); 12. Fantasia (Ferrabosco Sr.); 13. Pavin (Ferrabosco Sr.); 14. [A Canzonettal (Ferrabosco Sr.) ; 15. Collard's Ground (Edward Collard); 16. [A Canzonetta] (Anon.); 17. The Gathering of Pescodes (John Johnson); 18. A Paven to delight (John Johnson); 19. The Galliard to delighte (John Johnson); 20. Quadro Paven (John Johnson); 21. Omnino Galliard(John Johnson); 22. Carmans whistle (John Johnson); 23. Passing measures Pavin (John Johnson); 24. Walsingham (John Johnson); 25. A Pavin by Mr. Johnsonn (John Johnson); 26. Galliard (John Johnson); 27. [Conde Claros] (Anon.) Paul O'Dette (l) Harmonia Mundi HMU 907313
Blockflötenmusik der Renaissance Recorder Music--England 1. Consort IV; 2. If love now reigned; 3. Consort XII; 4. En vray amour; other works by Brade, Taverner, Morley, Bull, Holborne, Ferrabosco II, Ward, Coperario, Lupo, Tye Wiener Blockflötenensemble Das Alte Werke 6.42356AW(LP)
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