A Partial John Hilton (1) Discography

AlbumTitle Subtitle Works Performers Record Label Catalog No
The Triumphs of Oriana Madrigals 1600 1. Fair Oriana, beauty's queen; other works by East, Tomkins, Weelkes, Morley,Wilbye, Johnson, etc. Pro Cantione Antiqua, London dir.Ian Partridge Archiv 2533 347(LP)
Elizabethan Songs and Consort Music 1. Eliza, her name gives me honour, other works by Parsons, Farrant, Taverner, Tye, Byrd, Pattrick, Mundy, Tallis Rose Consort of Viols, Catherine King (ms) Naxos 8.554284
Cries of London Music in Honour of Queen Elizabeth I 1. All creatures now are merry minded; 2. Eliza, her name gives me honour; others by Robert Johnson, Edward Johnson, William Byrd, John Hilton, Morley, Ravenscroft, Whythorne, Tye, Dering Accademia Monteverdidir. Denis Stevens Schwann Musica Mundi VMS 2038 (LP)

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