John Hingeston [Hingston, Hinkson]

(early 17th cent - 1688)

John Hingeston

English composer. Choir member at York Minster in 1618; perhaps served Charles I; honored by Playford in his Musicall Banquet (London, 1651); organist and musician to Cromwell, 1654-58; named viol player and instrument repairer at court upon the Restoration in 1660. Later became a member of the Chapel Royal and a deputy marshal of London. Master of the Organs 1660. Musician on viol of the "Private Musick" 1660. Tuner, and repairer of organs, virginalls, and wind instruments 1660. Musician in the King's Private Musick for lutes 1674. Blow was his pupil, Purcell his apprentice. His music, much of which is lost, includes works for viols, organ, and chorus.

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