Edmund Hooper [Hoop]

(ca. 1553-1621)

English composer and organist. Chorister of Exeter Cathedral 1558-69. From 1588 through 1621, organist of Westminster Abbey, succeeded by Orlando Gibbons. From 1585 through 1606, Master of the Children of Westminster Abbey succeed by John Parsons. Gentleman "Extraordinary" of the Chapel Royal 1603-12. From 1603 through some time in the next decade, Singingman of Westminster Abbey, organist from 1606. Gentleman of the Chapel Royal 1604-18. In 1618 appointed organist of the Chapel Royal, replacing John Bull, with Orlando Gibbons, succeeded by Thomas Tomkins 1621. He contributed to East's psalter and Leighton's Teares, and wrote some intensely expressive anthems. He has two keyboard pieces in the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book.

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