Edward Johnson

(fl. 1592-4)

English composer. Known to have been in the service of Sir Thomas Kytson of Hengrave Hall in the 1570s, and may have provided music for the Queen's visit to Lord Hertford in 1591; took the Cambridge B.Mus. degree in 1594. He contributed to East's psalter and the Triumphs of Oriana. His relation to the other Johnsons, if any, is unknown. 'Johnson's Medley' (Fitzwilliam Virginal Book, No. 243) is a lute piece set by William Byrd and Randall. His Pavan and Galliard, 'Delight' (Fitzwilliam Virginal Book, Nos. 277-8) was set by (?) Kinloch and Byrd, but the lute sources ascribe it variously to Robert Johnson, John Johnson, or simply 'Johnson.'

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