John Lugg (Lugge)


English musician and organist. Father of Peter and Robert Lugg. Suspected of Roman Catholic sympathies and 'examined' January 24, 1618. Organist at Exeter Cathedral 1602-45. Vicar-choral at Exeter Cathedral 1634. There survive nine plainsong settings, one hexachord, and three voluntaries for double organ in a Christ Church autograph MS; 'Mr Luggs jigg' in another Christ Church MS; and two 'Toys' in a MS in the Biblioteque Nationale in Paris. He was one of the fvirst composers to write Voluntaries for double organ, i.e. using two manuals. One of the hands would from time to time pass onto the Great Organ for a "solo" passage and then for the ending both hands would combine together on the Great.

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