Giammateo Asola [Giovanni Matteo]

(ca. 1532 - 1609)

Italian composer, born in Verona, a pupil of Ruffo. He was a secular canon from 1546, then a secular priest after 1569, active in various northern Italian cities, he held the post of maestro di cappellasuccessively at Treviso and Vicenza cathedrals, and led the Italian musicians' tribute to Palestrina in 1592. He became a chaplain at S. Severo in Venice in 1588 and remained there until his death. His very large output, though largely conventional in style, does include some double-choir pieces and works requiring basso continuo.He also published three volumes of madrigals, one of which consists entirely of 2-part canons.

VO: Sacred Music in the Italian Cinquecento outside Venice and Rom