Gian Domenico del Giovane da Nola

(c1510 - 1592)

Italian composer. Possibly a pupil of Giovanni Tommaso Maio. Organist and (from 1563 to 1588) also maestro di cappella at SS. Annunziata in Naples. One of the first important composers of canzone villanesche, he published two books of canzoni villanesche has tre voci (1541) and one of three and four part Neapolitan villanellas (1567) in the deliberately primitive early villanella style, with consecutive fifths, which became very popular. Some of these were reworked in a more refined style by Willaert and Lassus ; Nola also published books of serious madrigals, one of four part pieces (1545) and one of five (1564). He leaves also five part (1549) and six part (1575) motets.

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