Agostino Agazzari

(1578 - 1640)

Italian composer. In 1602-6 directed music at the German College in Rome, and then returned to his native Siena as member of a cultural academy and from 1630 as choirmaster at the cathedral. He wrote four Masses, many motets, sacred concertos and madrigals, and the pastoral drama Eumelio(1606). His reputation, however, rests largely on his treatise Del sonare sopra il bassoof 1607, one of the earliest and most important sources on continuo playing. Eumeliois noted for its early examples of melodic variation over a strophic repeated bass, while Agazzari's sacred concertos represent the first Roman publication of small-scale concertato church music with continuo in the manner of Viadana (though their style is relatively conventional).

VA: Monody and the Vocal Concerto