Michelangelo Rossi [Michel Angelo del Violino]

(1601 or 1602 - 1656)

Michelangelo Rossi

Italian composer, violinist, and organist. He assisted his uncle, Lelio Rossi, at the Cathedral of S. Lorenzo, Genoa, He moved to Rome by 1624 and entered the service of Cardinal Maurizio of Savoy, where he met Sigismondo d'India; he also studied with Frescobaldi around this time. His opera Erminia stel Giordano was performed in the theater of the Palazzo Barberini in 1633 and published four years later; a second opera, Andromeda (1638, music lost), was produced in Ferrara. Rossi was famous in his time as a virtuoso violinist; his surviving keyboard music, especially his toccatas, are stylistically close to Froberger and Frescobaldi.

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