Marco Uccellini

(ca. 1603 - 1680)

Italian composer. He studied in Assisi and settled in Modena before 1639. There he became head of instrumental music at the Este court in 1641, and from 1647 to 1665 was maestro di cappella at the cathedral. He then served as maestro di cappella at the Famese court in Parma until his death. His extant compositions, all instrumental, include seven printed collections. Opp. 2 - 5 contain sonatas for 1-4 violins; they are virtuosic for the time, extending the range of the violin up to fourth position, and feature chromaticism and the use of unusual keys. Later collections consist of dances and sinfonias.

A Partial Marco Uccellini Discography | VE: The Sonata in the Italian Seicento