Sisto Reina

(died after 1664)

Italian composer and organist. Sisto Reina, a minorite monk, was an organist as well as a composer, and served as organist and/or m¾stro di cappella in Saronno, Milan, Piacenza and Modena. His numerous dedications to nuns throughout northern Italy include those to the singer Donna Ginevra Francesca Carcano at S. Maria in Cant¯, the organist and singer Donna Delia Maria Ciceri at the convent of S. Margherita in Como, Donna Candida Aurelia Archinta and the organist and singer Donna Candida Maria Campi, both at the convent of S. Ambrosio in Cant¯, the musical princess Angelica Luigia Mariana Gonzaga, a nun at S. Paolo in Milan, Rosa Antonia Torriana, a nun at S. Cecilia in Como; and, finally, Suor Erminia Catterina Manzoli, organist at San Giovanni Battista in Bologna.

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