Ottavio Vernizzi


Italian composer and organist. He was the son of Flaminia and Pier Giacomo Invernizzi, a janitor at the Collegio degli Artisti. He held the appointment of second organist in the basilica of S. Petronio from 1596. In 1626 he was named first organist, a post he held until his death. Vernizzi remained active until an advanced age. The bulk of his work is sacred music for voices and organ, but he also composed secular monody. His early motets are based on venetian polyphony; the later collections through 1612 were in the monodic style; his pieces published in 1648 reflected new stilistic conceptions in which the organ becomes a concerting voice.

A Partial Ottavio Vernizzi Discography |  VG: Sacred Music in the Seicento