Andreas Düben

(ca. 1597/8 - 1662)

German organist and composer, active in Stocholm. Andreas was the son of Andreas Düben the Elder, organist at the Thomaskirche. The younger Andreas Düben studied with Sweelinck from 1614 to 1620. His brother Martin, and his son Gustav were also organists.

Further reference: Orgelmusik av familjen Düben / Organ Works by the Düben Family. Edited by Pieter Dirksen. Bibliotheca Organi Suecić, 1. Stockholm: Runa Nototext, 1997 (c.1996). [xxvi, 45 pp. ISMN M-706864-00-6.]

VIB: Clavier, Organ and Lute in the German Baroque