Johann Rosenmüller [Giovanni Rosenmiller]

(1619 - 1694)

German composer. He studied music at the Lateinschule at Oelsnitz and theology at the University of Leipzig. In Leipzig he taught music at the Thomasschule as an assistant from 1642, becoming first assistant in 1650. In 1651 he became organist of the Nikolaikirche, and in 1654 became director of music in absentia to the Altenburg court. His career was interrupted by his arrest and imprisonment on suspicion of homosexuality. In 1658 he was a trombonist at St. Mark's, Venice, and soon became established as a composer there. From 1678 to 1682 he also held the post of composer at the Ospedale della Pietà. His last years were spent as court Kapellmeisterat Wolfenbüttel. Many of Rosemüller's published instrumental works are dance suites, including Paduanen(1645), Studenten-Music(1654), and Sonate da camera(1667). His vocal music, nearly all of it sacred, includes two published collections of small sacred concertos, Kern-Sprüche(Leipzig, 1648) and Andere Kern-Sprache(Leipzig, 1652-53).

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