Thomas Selle

(1599 - 1663)

German composer. He may have attended the Thomasschule in Leipzig before beginning studies at the university in the summer of 1622. While in Leipzig he may have studied with Sethus Calvisius, the Thomaskantor. His appointments included Kantor at Heide (1624), rector at Wesselburen (1625), Kantorat Itzehoe (May 1634) and at the Johanneum in Hamburg (12 Aug. 1641). He was also civic director of church music in Hamburg. Selle wrote vocal music exclusively, though in a wide variety of forms and styles. Schein, Scheidt, and Praetorius seem to have been significant influences on him. His Johannespassion(1641) is the first Passion to include instrumental interludes.

VIF: Spiritual Concerto and Church Cantata