Thomas Blagrave

(1613(?) - 1688)

English composer and violinist. Mentioned in Pepys Diary. Student assistant in training under his father, Richard on "oboes and sackbuts" 1638. Musician in Ordinary, playing for Charles I's "Sagbutts and hautboyes," replacing his father (Oxford) 1641-42. He then played for Cromwell (at least in 1658), and then for Charles II as of 1660. Gentleman of the Chapel Royal 1661. Clerk of the Cheque (Chapel Royal) 1662. Master of the choristers, Westminster Abbey, 1664. Musician in Ordinary in the King's Music for the wind instruments 1672. Clerke of the Cheque of the Chapel Royal 1684. Balgrave lived in Westminster, was married and had a pew in Whitehall Chapel. He also sang and played the flageolet and almost certainly the lute Pepys redeemed from him on March 18, 1660. Contributed works to the 1669 edition of Playford’s Select Ayres and Dialogues.

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